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Monitoring and Reporting Exchange Admin Audit Logs

June Castillote » 02 Feb 2020 » powershell, Office 365

ExCmdReport Module

This module uses the Search-AdminAuditLog Exchange CmdLet under the hood. This can be used to retrieve Exchange Admin Audit Logs from Exchange Online or Exchange Server On-Premises. It uses pagination automatically so that it can retrieve any number of results.

The output can be saved as a pre-formatted HTML file with the option to send as email to specified recipients.

Sample Email Report


This module was tested with the following.

  • Windows PowerShell 5.1
  • Exchange Online (Office 365)
  • Exchange Server 2016 (On-Premises).
    • May work with Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2019.
  • Remote PowerShell session must be established.
  • Exchange Admin Audit Logging must be enabled. Otherwise, there will be no data to return.

How to Install

Option 1: Install from PSGallery

Install-Module ExCmdReport -Scope AllUsers

Option 2: Download from GitHub and install manually

Use this if you can’t install the module from PSGallery.

  1. Download or clone from the GitHub Repository.
  2. Extract the zip and run .\InstallMe.ps1 in PowerShell.

Install Selection

Usage Examples

Example 1: Get Admin Audit Log Entries

<# Get ALL log entries #>
Get-ExCmdLog -searchParamHash @{
    StartDate      = '10/01/2019'
    EndDate        = '10/10/2019'
    ExternalAccess = $false
} -Verbose -resolveAdminName

Get Admin Audit Log Entries

Example 2: Get Admin Audit Log Entries and Send Email Report

<# Build report parameters #>
$report = @{
    SendEmail = $true
    From = 'admin@domain.com'
    To = 'user1@domain.com','user2@domain.com'
    smtpServer = 'smtp.office365.com'
    port = 587
    UseSSL = $true
    Credential = (Get-Credential)
    TruncateLongValue = 50

<# Get Audit Logs and then send #>
Get-ExCmdLog -searchParamHash @{
    StartDate      = '10/01/2019'
    EndDate        = '10/10/2019'
    ExternalAccess = $false
} -Verbose -resolveAdminName | Write-ExCmdReport @report -Verbose

Get Admin Audit Log Entries and Send Email Report


There are four functions included in this version. For details, follow the links below.